Sexy, Big chested, dark haired woman Flexes her Biceps!!

Hi everyone my name is Tina. This is my first recorded Video – October 02, 2009, My goal is to see how long it would take me, an average size woman to become a fitness model!!! I will be keeping track as i go along day by day to see how i Transform!!!! Stay Tuned i willl be uploading more videos every few days…..

Duration : 0:0:52

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10 Responses to “Sexy, Big chested, dark haired woman Flexes her Biceps!!”

  1. GetoCoolAidStudios says:

    I think you perfect …
    I think you perfect already! But it is your body, so i do wish you the best Tina!

  2. Brettwbeyer14 says:

    stop right there …
    stop right there seriously. I hope you’re reading you’re responses. You are perfect right now. You have nicely shaped body of good volume. don’t add unnecessary edges to it and ruin your curves. It’s ok to have some muscle, but don’t over due it.

  3. UFO4X says:

    Wanna wrestle Tina?
    Wanna wrestle Tina?

  4. za0172 says:

    you look pretty …
    you look pretty strong already. I’m very anxious to see your progress

  5. forisnakiu says:

    how big are those …
    how big are those biceps unflexed and flexed?, you need to measure your progress.

  6. llamaman25 says:

    Wow, you have …
    Wow, you have really nice biceps right now!

  7. wakey99new says:

    You are beautiful, …
    You are beautiful, and as a fitness model, you will be smokin’, your body is rockin already!

  8. tuna0n3 says:

    best of luck with …
    best of luck with it all miss!!

  9. videoteasing300 says:

    you are hot!!! good …
    you are hot!!! good luck!

  10. Jerumatzu says:

    Mmmm! Look at them …
    Mmmm! Look at them guns!

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