Girl Biceps

She’s looking a good body builder.

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25 Responses to “Girl Biceps”

  1. PGLoverX says:


  2. realfunny7 says:

    wow who is she is …
    wow who is she is she single gotta do more of her

  3. starfleetoffcr says:

    I bet she has less …
    I bet she has less than 6% body fat.

  4. rainnoah says:

    wow, im 15, and my …
    wow, im 15, and my biceps are bigger than hers, although this may be the max on how large a female body can be withour roids

  5. skypicy says:

    I don’t get why …
    I don’t get why people hate girls/dudes that take roids in stead of hating those who take drugs and shit.Every time is the same shit..’that dude takes roids! WHAT A FUKING CHEATER!’….oh and drugs..’Oh that dude is on drug’s…wed better not mess with him…’ What the people?

  6. veerucool says:

    lot’s of steroid… …
    lot’s of steroid…..oph i mean lot of hard work

  7. Jazztival says:

    This is not a …
    This is not a Bodybuilder,…it’s a Fitness bitch&they do suck.

  8. JamieandhisIbanez says:

    thats sick. woman …
    thats sick. woman should be toned but not body builders.. yuk

  9. infinity3jif says:

    @ponyboy1276 i …
    @ponyboy1276 i did’nt mean that she has bigger muscles then me i’m saying that i don’t want no woman that has as much muscle as me

  10. ponyboy1276 says:

    well, if that`s …
    well, if that`s true and she who is about 115lbs and you say has bigger muscles than you, you might want to get a new workout regimen.

  11. infinity3jif says:

    @ponyboy1276 …
    @ponyboy1276 no i don’t have the body of no 12 year old i’m a 6,1 solid 220 pounds

  12. ponyboy1276 says:

    fat and stupid
    fat and stupid

  13. ponyboy1276 says:

    Fat and stupid
    Fat and stupid

  14. fstwrtr says:

    I wonder if she …
    I wonder if she cleans her whiskers out of the sink?

  15. KateinBlack says:

    why girls do that? …
    why girls do that? I think it is very very ugly and unatural

  16. infinity3jif says:

    @helenedmund you …
    @helenedmund you right this aint attractive i don’t won’t a woman with more muscles then me makes me feel like i’m with a man especially in bed

  17. helenedmund says:

    um, steroids much. …
    um, steroids much. this AINT attractive. looks like a mahn. Whats the whole obsesion with steroids.

  18. 38Boba64 says:

    LOL! Just a slight …
    LOL! Just a slight slap from her and you’ll forget your name!

  19. spikeman23 says:


  20. adameve00 says:


  21. DAPRDAN56 says:

    WOW ,,, WHAT A F*** …
    WOW ,,, WHAT A F****** ARM MUSCLE !!!

  22. phasryder says:

    Wow!!! I am at a …
    Wow!!! I am at a lost for words. Can’t wait to show this to the Wife. GREAT JOB!!!!

  23. kameldine says:


  24. zansu1830 says:

    thats disgusting
    thats disgusting

  25. ChamillitaryNigga says:

    get a life.. for …
    get a life.. for real man

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