Muscle girl on TV.Nice!

Gun show on tv…WOW!

Duration : 0:1:6

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25 Responses to “Muscle girl on TV.Nice!”

  1. MarkMoon936 says:

    to those of you who …
    to those of you who are blind, that’s clearly a guy

  2. disyokerr says:

    @brasilcork , I am …
    @brasilcork , I am from Peru , ther is more withe people in argentina than in your country , there is not mexicans your second language he he h, and we sank a biritish ship wiht an exocet remeber the only country with exocet missil in the 80s, I also speak quetchua peruvian proper language , thing that you dont have…so reed some books ignnorant, I soeak 4 languages, you only speak have of one….

  3. brasilcork says:

    @disyokerr …
    @disyokerr Argentina? Where is that? Is it near the Falkland islands? You know the islands where the English beat the out of some inferior monkey race. Sailed half way around the world, kicked and still own the place. Is that the country you are on about? Junta you Cunta. She should learn the language of the master race, as should you. We own you. ENGLISH!

  4. disyokerr says:

    nunca falta un …
    nunca falta un imbecil norteamericano dicendo “ni habla bien ingles” hayyyy en ningun momento la oigo en ingles, ademas solo dijo Trapecio y con asento gallego…. No joda yankis ingnorantes,

    Esta nina es una mamasita se parece a Alisa Milano, pero esta esta mejor….

    que ricura de gaucha.

  5. disyokerr says:

    she is not ugly, …
    she is not ugly, she is perfect look like Alisa milano

  6. disyokerr says:

    @brasilcork wwath …
    @brasilcork wwath english you ignorant she is from argentina,, like the show, get a Life ignorante ignorant.

    shheee there is all ways people like you every where , USA is no an exepmtion…

  7. disyokerr says:

    SHE is not speakin …
    SHE is not speakin in english you stupid ass, she is form argentina and speak spanish, and I feel spaniard accent ,

    And she is beauti hot, if man look like that well Iwill became gay my self , but sheis a woman cute one, she remind me Alisa Milano.

  8. manancjar says:

    She could have been …
    She could have been a very beautiful girl, but she chose being a monster. Everyone looks at her as she is a freak and it’s all her fault.

  9. TheEnjoiskater121 says:

    thats a guy
    thats a guy

  10. 3Dfan9 says:

    thass a fuckinggg …
    thass a fuckinggg guy!!!!!!!!!

  11. ferrovic says:

    she’s beautiful but …
    she’s beautiful but she ruined that

  12. bskulldragon100 says:

    how long is ur …
    how long is ur peinis….no homo

  13. TheDominionOfElites says:

    Looks like a man…
    Looks like a man…

  14. 64522744 says:

    Jesus Christ !!!… …
    Jesus Christ !!!……Ima need 10 red bulls to handle her…….God damn, she could break my dick in half.

  15. brasilcork says:

    Her English is shit.
    Her English is shit.

  16. mermidonas83 says:

    who hurt you hanny …
    who hurt you hanny im going to kick his ass

  17. elafonisi08 says:

    So that’s what …
    So that’s what Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen did before learning English and moving to Britain

  18. Grisostomo06 says:

    Great video except …
    Great video except for the M.C. That guy should completely stay out of the picture when she is on stage.

  19. bobjangle11 says:

    slight bulge in her …
    slight bulge in her nethers…….I like the song….”American Woman” is it? If that’s wat American women look like I’m moving to Canada

  20. ilbtsfiles says:

    Beautiful Lady
    Beautiful Lady

  21. quickscanboy says:

    that babe is so …
    that babe is so fine man so hot

  22. Kargolm says:

    That is girl?
    That is girl?

  23. bonchidude says:

    Well he is right. …
    Well he is right. Although women who dont juice dont have the little bulge.

  24. cue1555 says:

    I’ll hit that
    I’ll hit that

  25. Cocolossal says:

    Very cute.
    Very cute.

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