Female Muscle Growth

This quick video about female muscle growth is a movie trailer for ‘ The Growth Experiment’.
It is an Awefilms production that features Sandy Meisner as well as Christine Envall, the female bodybuilder.

Duration : 0:1:13

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Female Bodybuilder Muscle

Female bodybuilder muscle is developed over a long period of time and requires massive dedication and persistance. The sport of bodybuilding is generally focused more on men, which means most of the information and  guides are designed for the male body. This can make it difficult for women to learn how to get involved and do things the right way.

Diet is the most important part of getting great results. We like to think the gym is where the magic happens, but in reality it happens outside of the gym when you’re living your life.  The food you put into your body will dictate muscle growth. As the saying goes ‘great abs are made in the kitchen’. Protein is essential for your body to produce strong, female bodybuilder muscle.  It’s best to get protein into your body every 2-3hrs. Muscle grows all day long and it requires  nutrients coming in consistently to build them all day long.

It’s important to keep your workouts short in duration but high in intensity. Continue to push the limits each time you exercise and record your progress. Also make sure to give yourself enough time between workout sessions so the muscles can recover fully. Be consistent with your workouts and eventually you’ll develop powerful female bodybuilder muscle.

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Female Muscle Biceps On Display

This quick video shows a muscular female bodybuilder flexing her biceps and upper body muscles.

Duration : 0:0:22

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Rachel McLish Flexing Biceps – Pumping Iron 2 – Women

Rachel McLish looks young and muscular in this clip. She competes with another female bodybuilder for the Ms. Olympia Crown.
This clip is from the movie – Pumping Iron 2 – Women

Duration : 0:2:14

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Effective Weight Training For Women Leads To Leaner, Healthier Bodies

For a long time, weight training was seen as an activity performed by macho men in sweaty gyms. The times have changed, as many men and women are learning the benefits of weight training for everyone, not just the men with big biceps and sculpted torsos.

Strength training can prevent injuries, promote stamina and increase self confidence. It is easy to learn, and does not take as much time as you might think. Thirty minutes of workout time three times a week can bring you the sculpted and toned body that you have dreamed about.

As free weights and strength training machines have made their way out of the gyms and into recreation centers, fitness centers and even basements, weight training for women has gained momentum.

Starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Madonna have stuck with a regular strength training regimen to maximize their assets. Other women are finding the benefits of weight training as well. Bulking up is not always the goal, but weight training can simply mean toning muscles and ridding the body of unwanted fat. Swimsuit season seems to be just around the corner! Are you ready for a woman weight training program?

The Warm-up

Before beginning a program, it is important to find a personal trainer or fitness expert that can show you the right methods for strength training. Using the wrong form on machines or with the free weights can result in pain and injury, so start out on the right foot by enlisting the help of a professional who can properly teach you.

It is also very important to warm up your muscles before beginning a weight training session. This can be accomplished with a few laps around the track of your fitness center, or a few minutes of work on the treadmill or the bike. Keep in mind that a warm-up does not mean a quick sprint, a ten minutes of easy walking or pedaling will do the trick.

How Many Repetitions, and How Much Weight?

While a personal trainer can get you started on the right path in your womans weight training regimen, the answers to these questions will depend a lot on you and what you can lift. The key is to find the weight amount that will tire you at the end of twelve repetitions. The final lift or curl should be as challenging as you can handle, but the rest of the reps should be quite doable. If you are working out with the proper weight amount, one set of twelve repetitions should be enough. However many women weight trainers prefer to finish two or three sets with a slightly lower weight amount, to ensure that toning is occurring without adding too much muscle bulk.

A weight training program for female should include two or three sessions every week that last about 30 minutes each. It is very important to spend a day after a session resting the muscles that were used. You can either do a full workout every other day, or do shorter daily sessions where you work your legs one day and your arms and upper body the next. The great thing about weight training for women is that you can tailor your program to your individual needs and schedule limitations.

Weight training for women offers many benefits, including increased strength and stamina, increased flexibility and better weight management. As people age, muscle mass decreases and will be replaced with fat if something is not done. Weight training can control that process, assisting with weight management as you age.

It is also a good way to ward off osteoporosis, since regular strength training will increase bone density. Osteoporosis is a big health concern with women of menopausal age, so weight training for women becomes even more important as a woman reaches mid-life.

Chung Leong Yu


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Female Bodybuilder Akila Pervis Backstage

A very strong muscular woman preparing for competition show.

Duration : 0:1:22

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Strong woman flexing her arms

muscle girl at the bakery
very strong
when she hits us she hits hard!

Duration : 0:0:33

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How To Pose In Front Of The Camera For Fitness Modeling

With fitness modeling, there are several things a model must be knowledgeable of, in addition to getting her body into shape, if she wishes to have continued success. Whether it is learning about lighting or the proper pose, a fitness model must be completely aware of her surroundings, as well as in control of her body.

The fitness modeling industry requires a model to be in exceptional shape, however, there is actually less focus on muscle mass and more focus on the overall physique, meaning that fitness modeling isn’t so much about how big your muscles are but rather how in shape you are. Most female fitness models are lean and chiseled with feminine curves, and while there are instances when female bodybuilder types are used in the industry, it is the leaner, more feminine looking models that get most of the work. Therefore, when getting in front of the camera, the fitness model will not necessarily be posing to show her muscles, but rather her muscles will be enhancing the shot.

Many individuals who try to break into the fitness modeling industry often do not succeed because they are not comfortable in front of the camera. A model must be able to pose in various positions, while remaining at ease, as if the position was natural for her. The shot may include standing on one foot, balancing, and the model must be able to hold herself until the shot is complete.

The best way for a fitness model to practice different poses is to practice in front of a mirror. She should begin by posing different body parts, such as her arms to show her fitness level, as well as her legs and torso. Each body part may play an entirely different part in a shot and one must be able to control every part of their body. Practicing the basic poses, such as quarter turns and front and rear double biceps, will assist the fitness model in securing more jobs as she will demonstrate her level of fitness.

A model must always be aware of where her main lighting source is located and she needs to know that if the light is standing in one direction, she will need to change her posing to that direction. Lighting will often change direction throughout a shoot and it is important for the model to be aware of this, as it will effect her performance.

This, of course, leads us to where the model should be standing. Generally, for each shoot, a model may be required to perform different workout moves for the camera. This will require her to understand the lighting setups and know where her mark is. When she moves from her mark, it can throw the shot off and the camera may no longer be in focus, taking longer to complete the shoot.

Other important posing points are being aware of how much of your body will be included in the shot. If you are working a full length shot, because the placement of your arms and legs will be detrimental to the success of the shot.

A model will also need to be aware of facial expressions. When practicing posing in front of the mirror, she should also be practicing facial expressions to make sure she can display a variety of looks. If the shot calls for a picture of someone having a serious workout and the fitness model has a hard time selling a serious face, the shot will not come out the way that it was intended.

The fact is a fitness model has more to do than just flexing her muscles in front of the camera. She will constantly have to be aware of the lighting, where her mark is, and her facial expressions. Posing in front of the camera shouldn’t be a problem if you practice your basic poses in front of a mirror.

Scott White

Donna Williams – FBB – 2008 – flexing biceps

super strong bodybuilder donna is flexing her biceps. please keep in mind donna was in off season condition.

Duration : 0:1:16

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bicep exercises for women : Sexy Arms workout with resistance bands

A quick lesson for women on how to use resistance bands for training the arms and upper body.

The Myosource Kinetic Bands Upper Body product offers over 70 different exercises variations for your arms, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, wrist, back , abs, obliques, forearms, punching flexibility and endurance.
Adding the Lower body kinetic bands give you a full body workout .

Duration : 0:1:58

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